XJ-4 (A.K.A Jasmine Wakeman) is the 4th line of the XJ-Series. She is a neat-freak who likes to clean things she doesn't like getting things messy. XJ-4 is mostly lavender with a white face and 4 arms like an octopus she has 3 black antennas shorter on the left and on the right and a longer one in the middle which as a lavender bow which matches her color,She also has a purple miniskirt and one leg which is on a wheel, she is the sweetest character along with XJ-1.


  • Sibling Tsunami (Her First Appearance)
  • Sister Sledgehammer
  • Labor Day (Brief Cameo)
  • Agent00Sheldon (No Lines)
  • Escape From Cluster Prime (Brief Cameo)
  • Turncoats

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