Shaded Melody by z lady

Melody Locust

Melody (Voiced by Sandy Fox): Melody is an android with an exoskin which makes her look like a normal teenage girl (Similar to when Jenny wore synthoskin). Melody is sweet and polite girl who falls in love with Brad. Melody was created by a mad scientist whom is also her father. When Brad fell into a hole which was a secret passage to a mad scientist's lab he ran into Melody who wanted to show him to her father, after he found out Brad knew X-J9 he wanted to use Brad as bait to lure Jenny there. Melody had secretly helped Brad and Jenny escape, which revealed she too is a robot. Melody later appeared in season 3 after running away from her father, she and Brad start dating much to Jenny's dismay, Jenny thinks Melody is up to something, though Jenny is actually jealous. Jenny later slaps Melody and accuses her of trying to take over the town, Melody becomes angry and punches Jenny, which leads to another vicious catfight, in which it is revealed Melody is much more powerful than Jenny is (presumably due to his father equipping her with Jenny's weapon systems) and nearly kills her however she stops after seeing that everyone is afraid of her including Brad, she flies away crying and is never seen again.