The Manuel Of Style or MOS for short, is the major Law of The MLAATR Wiki, All must follow in these laws of he or she are a member of this Wiki, those who no longer listen or refuse to do so shall be banned after 6 offenses, preventing that member from ever setting foot on this site again... --Rivera2000 23:52, February 8, 2012 (UTC)

Abuse of rules, if you are caught on the same offense more than 2 times in a row WILL BE BANNED, I do not play around with people who have no respect for the rules and I will ban you if you put offensive stuff on the wiki. I will say this once and only once I do not like vandals and you will get banned the instant Meowjar or myself find out that you have been vandalizing pages.QuietThornberry26thTeenageRobotGretchen1-2DZ 04:49, February 9, 2012 (UTC)

Manual Of Style

Welcome to the My Life As A Teenage Robot Wiki Manual Of Style page. This is the guidelines and behavior expectations page.


  1. No Fan Fiction as it will be deleted as soon as it is posted.
  1. No Swearing...No exceptions
  1. Proper grammer use
  1. Put all proper related aticles in their proper place
  1. Anyone over 13 can edit as per rules
  1. As per Rules no one under the age of 13 is allowed on the Chat
  2. No editing wars please..........

Behavior Expectations

  1. Be civil with all conversations
  1. No Swearing....No exceptions
  1. No Vandalizing pages
  • No Disrespectful Images...
  • No Cyber Attacks..
  • No Stealing Info from other Wiki' that do not relate...

Number of Infractions

--Chat Infractions

1st offense: Warning, 2nd offense: Banned for 1 week, 3rd offense: Banned for 1 month, 4th offense: Banned indefinitely

--Wiki infractions

1st offense: Warning, 2nd offense: Banned for 1 week, 3rd offense: Banned for 1 month, 4th offense: Banned indefinitely

--User Pages

All Infractions are the same as the Wiki Infractions but will be doubled on the Founder and Admins User pages as they watch out for the other users

Ways to get yourself Banned

  1. Swearing on any pages
  1. Breaking the rules of the wiki
  2. Information that no longer belongs...
  3. Fan Fictions being published...
  4. Info that no longer Relates to MLAATR...
  5. Putting disrespectful Images on the Wiki...
  6. Cyber bullying...indirect or direct
  7. Creating your own nonsense that don't relate to the Wiki
  8. Stealing Information from other Wikipedia's and posting them on this one....
  9. Disrespecting the Admins...
  10. Being a Stuck Up...
  11. Messing around with prefectly fine pages.....

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